12th January 2022

FJ's Top Classic Car Bargains

Whether you are just starting out in the world of classics and looking for your first example to dip your toe in the water, or you’re a seasoned collector looking to add a new vehicle to your fleet, it’s important to know which vehicles on the market are considered good value for money. There are bargains out there to be had at every level, particularly among modern classics, and these 10 are definitely ones to consider! Information sourced from Classic Trader. Classic Car Buyers Guide in association with Footman James.

Audi TT

Without a doubt, the TT is one of Audi’s best-known models. With high-performance derivatives, tough mechanics and ridiculously low prices, the TT had teething problems when it was released in 1995 but following a recall in 2000 that saw the addition of traction control, a rear spoiler and suspension alterations. It’s no surprise that the collectability of the TT is on the up.

Porsche Boxster

While the original model didn’t go down particularly well, incremental updates meant the Boxter stayed top of its class for some time. Part of the reason it helped save Porsche from financial ruin is that it shared a number of key components with the soon-to-be-released 996 model of the 911. You can grab one now for less than you might think but watch out for spares prices though as hard driving may mean you’ll be fitting frequent replacements.

Mercedes R107 and C107

Typical of Mercedes classics, these variations on the SL name have discreet stylish looks and quite surprising performance. As time goes on their desirability will continue to rise.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Berlina

If you’re after an Alfa but your budget doesn’t stretch to a Giulia Bertone coupe, remember that the Berlina does the same job with all the same mechanics under the hood. A bargain at the moment, prices are crawling up…

Lamborghini Miura

The Miura is the model after which the term supercar was coined. The engine is tough and the construction is fairly basic but values are on the up!

Rover Mini

No other car has touched as many people in quite so many ways. The Mini had a 41-year manufacturing run, meaning it was around for multiple generations and even now it remains a popular car with young motorists – probably because it is so fun to drive and has maintained the cool factor through it’s life. Rover Mini’s are as fun to drive as other examples of the model. They are unfortunately prone to rust though so always be diligent and buy carefully!

Jaguar MK2

When you think of classic Jaguar it’s hard to look past the E-Type, but the MK2 prices are sure to rise in the future. When it was released following the success of the MK1, Jaguar didn’t stray too far from it’s winning formula. The two large capacity engines on offer provided the MK2 with class leading performance. Exteriors and interiors should remain mostly standard, but tweaks to the mechanics can be transformational to what is already an impressive vehicle.

Aston Martin DB9

An impressive piece of kit back when it debuted in 2004, you may be wondering if the DB9 can be a bargain but look at what you get for the price: an iconic design, fantastic performance, prices at an all-time low and better running costs than you might think. Make sure you are careful with your maintenance though, if you get it wrong this bargain could turn into a money pit.


Have we missed any classics off our list? Let us know in the comments.

I would have included the 1990 Lotus Elan. One of the most beautiful cars ever produced, incredible handling, 6.7 seconds 0-60, unbreakable Japanese engine. Admittedly, owning one has its ongoing challenges, but what classic car doesn't. Prices are ridiculously low. You can pay more for a Mazda MX5, essentially a cheap copy body shape on top of a rolling chassis more like a Ford Fiesta than a sports car.

Karl, 16/01/2022

Honda S2000!

Biggles., 15/01/2022

Early Mk 1 MX 5 now approaching classic status, my early Mk 2 is still in the queue!

Seafaring Man, 15/01/2022