21st April 2020

Tricky Dicky: The MGB Roadster

by Grant Groome

I have always loved classic cars, they remind me of fun times - I am from a car family where my father owned and ran a chain of garages and services stations in Northamptonshire for 30 years. And I own classic cars because of him.

My father started out as an RAF aircraft engineer during the conscription era of the 1950's in what was then Ceylon. So when he was demobbed he returned to Northamptonshire and started a new career as a car mechanic. He loved the industry but hated getting his hands dirty, even though during this time he had met my mother, so I suspect she hated his dirty hands!

With a new baby in arms, he pushed himself into a car sales role in Corby - what was then called Corby 'New Town', and so began his car sales career, which through a series of promotions developed into garage management and a Directorship for a local chain of dealerships. Eventually this led to an offer to set up his own garage with a former colleague, and then a chain of four throughout the county.

I never wanted to be part of his business, but my brother did, so when Dad sadly passed away 10 years ago my brother was there to pick up the reins. When Dad passed away I wanted a way to remember him, something I would cherish as much as I miss him - so I bought a car a 1972 MGB Roadster. Classy but fun, traditional but racy, smart and elegant but a nippy and a little daring - just like him.

My dad was called Dick, so my car is Tricky Dickie - you can't be in the car industry for 50 years and not be a little 'tricky'! When I drive Tricky I remember Dad in a fun and happy way. I love classic cars anyway but this makes me love them more!