30 January, 2019

Triumph launches the world’s largest production motorbike engine

Starting the week off right, the team at Triumph has teased its ultra-rare, limited-edition Rocket TFC concept bike. The second motorcycle to descend from the Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) programme, this is what we know so far.

Just 750 will be made, all with a brand-new Triple engine – known to be the world’s largest production engine ever made for a motorbike. A triumph of British engineering, the new Rocket TFC also has a three-header exhaust system that looks incredible (and which we can’t wait to hear!)

It’s not just the Rocket TFC’s engine that is its party piece. The British motorcycle brand has ensured that this bike has a new chassis, paired with a performance brake and suspension setup. The pictures show that the bike has been lavished in carbon fibre, has Brembo brakes, custom rear fenders and of course huge exhausts for that engine.

This is the second bike to come from its ‘skunkworks’ team. The Rocket TFC follows the Rocket III, which was launched in 2004, and it proves that there’s still ample demand. Triumph says that the TFC team aim to make the most desirable Triumphs ever made and judging from the pictures, we don’t think they’re wrong.

While Triumph has kept specs brief and not given us any figures, they promise to release all the information, including the cost, on 1 May 2019.

Save the date and let us know what you think of the new Triumph Rocket TFC in the meantime.

It looks fabulous - and I'm not even into bikes..!

Rover, 07/02/2019