22nd March 2022

Studio434: The Unique Prince of Whales

Studio434®, has added some rare 'Wedges' to its collection. Rodger Dudding is the owner of what is thought to be the largest private car collection in Europe.

Rodger has a striking passion for the classic design of William Town's Aston Martin Lagonda "Wedge", a classic that divided opinions but didn't fail to turn heads when on the roads. The addition to Studio434®'s collection includes the first Aston Martin Lagonda delivered and the last model produced. 

Mr Dudding is now the proud owner of 25 classic and vintage Aston Martin Lagonda models, which call Studio434® home. Two of these classic "Wedges" are also the Hustler mini-based models designed by Willam Town. His personal vehicle collection is over 500 models large, representing time capsules from the early 1900s to models from the present day.

The Studio434® collection contains some very rare and collectable vehicles including one of the first Ferrari Dino's produced and one of two Railton models, the Claremont. As well as these rare finds Rodger also owns the world's largest collection of the largely unknown marque, Clyno, a British built range of cars, vans and motorbikes manufactured in the 1920-1930s. 

Studio434® is a unique car, motorcycle and memorabilia collection location that is increasingly being used for corporate lunches and dinners, the available space at the second Studio434® location is being promoted for corporate events, sales meetings, conferences, exhibitions and shows.

Find out more bout Studio434® on their website.

Can you think of a more desirable vehicle collection to own? Let us know what your collection would look like in the comments below.

I worked for AML in the mid to late '70s. I remember these cars as having a vast amount of wiring & the early models having 100+ relays. I was an auto-electrician on the build line. A bare (painted) shell came into the line on dollies. Two colleagues & myself would then pounce on the car. By the time it left us a few hours later, it would have all the wiring, lights wipers, heater and blowers installed. It then moved on to have the suspension & engine fitted. The next time we would see the car was when the 'snagging man' would cast his eye over the car marking any blemishes & labelling any adjustments to be done to the door opening. He had a rod that had reference, and marks for pass/fail. Each team would then send someone to make adjustments as required.

Specialist1 , 01/04/2022