October 16, 2018

Unsafe tyres could land classic owners with hefty fine

Owners of classic cars are being warned that leaving their motors unused for long periods could not only be dangerous but also see them rack up huge fines.

As part of Tyre Safety Month, road safety campaigners are highlighting the dangers of leaving your car idle for lengthy spells as it could lead to tyres degrading below roadworthy levels.

And with many historic motors used sparingly, particularly with winter approaching, campaigners are advising owners to use their cars more often and regularly check their tyres.

Increasingly worrying

Leaving your beloved motor in the garage for months on end, or only taking it out on short runs, can make the rubber in the tyres crack or harden, or the tyres deflate.

Motorists caught driving a car with illegal tyres face three penalty points and a £2,500 fine for every tyre deemed unroadworthy, which means potentially astronomical costs can add up.

The warnings come in an increasingly uncertain time for classic enthusiasts, following the introduction of MOT exemptions, and growing concerns over the amount of sub-standard parts on the market.

As Footman James recently reported, an investigation by TyreSafe and Trading Standards found that 91% of part-worn tyre retailers are selling illegal tyres to unsuspecting motorists.