VMCC's 64th Banbury Run

18 June, 2012

A huge thank you to the Vintage Motor Cycle Club for the 64thBanbury Run – 600 entries, mostly sunny weather, routes through  rolling countryside  and the Gaydon location would always make for a great event; but for me the key factor is the organisation and enthusiasm of the marvellous VMCC team. 

That the Run was established in 1949 and many of the VMCC members have known it for many years  brings an extra passion and poignancy.

A special thank you to James and especially to Brian who “coached” me so patiently in the ways of the Triumph SD 550 that took me round the course at a steady pace to bring “us” both back in good order as an “untimed rider”.

The beginning of the run was very exciting as entries are gathered without engines running and then brought forward to start with plenty of willing people offering to push as required.

The enthusiastic support at the start is matched at the significant hill – Sunrising – where it is lined with people admiring the bikes and urging them all to make it to the top with many pushing riders if required. The camaraderie extends to the many hostelries on the route where riders meet friends, families and locals who also line the route and encourage the riders.

Locals are a willing and valuable source of directions when needing to check unmarked turnings off single track roads and the like.

In contrast, there are entries from all over the world. As I waited to start there were mentions of Thailand, Japan, USA  and Canada while there was also a strong European showing.

Truly, a world class gathering of Veteran and Vintage machines.