Final Batch of VW Campervans reaches UK shores for the last time

15 January, 2014

In a landmark moment and one that will go down in UK VW history, the last fleet of the now-discontinued VW camper vans have arrived in Southampton port.

In 2003, it was announced that the iconic campervan will have its production halted following new safety laws recently implemented in South America. Up until December last year, Brazil was the last country in the world to produce VW campers, but the time has come and the van is now on the road to being a collector’s item.

In all, 99 vans arrived at Southampton and continued onto Bristol where they were modified to have right-hand drive capabilities and luxury interiors. Of course, the cease in production isn’t necessarily the end of the line. As with others in the past, a halt in production means that the now-limited availability of the iconic vans will render them more valuable as time goes by, preserving them in automotive history and keeping the spirit alive.