Why people love collecting classic cars

26 November, 2013

Some people collect stamps, whilst others like to collect film memorabilia or action figures. Collections are a hobby, a labour of love that is fuelled by passion and pride, so what happens when people decide to think a little bigger? For people with more expensive tastes, collecting cars is as much a show of wealth and determination as those rare comic books worth tens of thousands. An even more refined hobby for the car fanatic is collecting classic cars in favour of their modern counterparts. So what is it about classic cars that’s so collectible?

The History and Nostalgia

Like paintings, literary works and even buildings, classic cars are a link to the past and a tangible glimpse into years gone by. There is a certain romanticism associated with classic cars from golden eras, not to mention admiration for the workmanship, class and design which modern cars may sometimes lack. There is a certain artisanship associated with classic cars, and those that are lucky enough to have more than one are often very knowledgeable about their past. For some people, classic cars also manifest themselves as nostalgic objects, often bringing back warm memories for their owners who had a special connection with them in the past.

The Community

Let’s be honest – there are definitely some bragging rights if you have a beautiful collection of classic cars. With so many events and classic car clubs, sharing an admiration for antique vehicles is a great way to bring people together. For anyone with a collection, they can enjoy belonging to a certain group of people and attend social events to converse and interact with other passionate fans.

The Investment Opportunities

Now that they are officially listed as a luxury item, collecting classic cars is also an increasingly popular way of investing . Just like antiques, paintings or even fine wines, classic cars can only increase in value as the years go by. There is also the status symbol that comes with having such a collection, and nothing says status like a garage filled with beautiful classic cars.

Of course, collections like this are worth a lot of money, and need to be protected against theft or damage. If you are a collector, or want to know more about protection, check out our collector car insurance  page for more information.