November 21, 2018

Your Guide To: Motoring Events

Whether you run a modern car, have a penchant for a classic, have a sizeable budget or run a motor on a shoestring, car shows offer something for everyone.

So, for both the seasoned motoring eventers and the rookies, Footman James looks at how best to enjoy car shows and make the most out of your classic car or bike.

1. Join your local club

Everything’s better when you do it together. Look at your local club, or marque-specific enthusiasts’ network and see what events they have coming up. If you have a show that you’ve seen and want to go to, suggesting a run-out or a convoy with the club is a great ice-breaker to meet friends and likeminded petrolheads.

2. Search and RSVP on social media sites and online

More and more automotive events are being promoted on Facebook and other social media sites like Eventbrite and Instagram. Search the event’s name and RSVP via the links if you can. You never know who else might see that you’re joining in, or spur them on to attend too.

You can also visit the events section of the Footman James website or sign up to our newsletter to hear about upcoming events.

3. Buy tickets in advance

If you’re going to a show that is ticketed – many are free, sometimes it’s a charge for entry – always check to see if they have advance rates. More often than not you can save money by buying tickets in advance compared to on the door. Money saved is always money that can go back into the fund for car parts, more events or a cup of tea or coffee while you’re there.

4. Plan your journey

Goodwood Festival of Speed, for example, is a massive event and you can expect huge delays on the local roads to the entrance gate. Timing is essential so avoiding the event ‘rush hour’ is key, particularly if your classic doesn’t enjoy being stationary for too long. It might also be worth making a note of the local petrol station. Depending on how far you’re going, and especially if it’s a new part of town you’re heading to, it’s always reassuring that you know where the nearest stop is for high-octane fuels such as super-unleaded.

5. Stray from your car

Once you arrive at the show, either with a group of people, or on your own, it is both tempting and comforting to stay close to your vehicle. But, there’s so much to see, do and experience at automotive events, so make the most of it. Explore the event and leave your pride and joy behind. It’s nice for others to share the same enthusiasm that you get from looking around other people’s cars or bikes. Plus, it’s quite disconcerting for some people to walk around any vehicle if the owner’s standing close by.

6. Take photographs

It’s easy to forget everything that you see at a car show, especially if it’s a large event. By taking lots of photographs you can remember the cars, people, stands and refer back if you need to. Plus, if you’re that way inclined, sharing photographs on social media always goes down in a positive way.

7. Remember an umbrella – don’t let rain dampen your mood

In typical British fashion, most events are outside and can sometimes experience adverse weather. The best piece of advice we could give anyone is to keep an umbrella in the car – there’s nothing worse than being drenched while walking around a paddock full of cars or motorbikes!

8. Make sure you have the right insurance

If you're taking your classic vehicle to an event, make sure that your insurance policy covers you in case the worst should happen. 

At Footman James, our classic car and classic bike insurance policies provide cover as standard for taking part in rallies, shows and events (as long as there is no racing, pacemaking, speedtesting or time trials involved and the vehicle is not used for hire and reward).


Let us know your top tips for attending events in the comments below.

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