Ace Café InCarNation Show N’ Shine

Date: 29 March, 2017

Location: Ace Corner, N Circular Rd, London NW10 7UD

The Ace Café in London will be hosting InCarNation’s Show n’ Shine on 29 March 2017.

Enthusiasts are set to bring everything from the coolest current cars to stunning vintage motorbikes, along to the historic café based in Stonebridge, north west London.

The show is a celebration of vehicles featuring some of the most passionate fans around the country. But it’s the surroundings and the history of the location, that makes the event so special.

Café with a side of history
Is there a better setting for a celebration of classic bikes and cars than the Ace Café? The building has as rich a history as most of the vehicles that will be making their way to Show N’ Shine.

Ace opened back in 1938 as a regular café to serve drivers on the North Circular, with its 24-hour opening hours a big hit for motorcyclists.

Skip forward to the ‘50s and the café was a regular meeting spot for the Ton Up Boys. A decade later, it was full of leather clad Rockers, but unfortunately in 1969, the café closed.

A real restoration
25 years later, an Ace Café reunion took place. It was an absolute success, with 12,000 visitors descending on the venue. This led to a full refurbishment taking place and the café reopening in 2001.

Today, it’s still full of classic car and vintage motorbike fans coming together to grab a bite, have a cup of tea and talk about their wheels. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The InCarNation Show N’ Shine
The InCarNation Show N’ Shine is one of many events taking place at the Ace Café London over the year.

This show takes place on 29 March 2017, starting at 06:00 PM through to 11:00 PM.

So grab your car or bike, head towards the North Circular and stop by for the Show N’ Shine.