Drive/Ride Your Classic to Work Day

Date: 14 June, 2015

Location: Ricoh Arena, Coventry

Have you ever thought about driving your pride and joy to work for the day? Well now you can!

Last year, Footman James supported by Ageas Insurance Limited, launched a portfolio of cover options known as ‘FJ+’. Drive and Ride to Work cover is part of this portfolio and offers customers the chance to select this option as part of their insurance policy allowing the opportunity to Drive or Ride their Classic vehicle to a permanent place of work. In celebration of the first anniversary of the FJ+ launch, we want to give you the chance to experience driving your vehicle to work, on us!

Footman James supported by Ageas Insurance Limited is giving you the opportunity to Drive your Classic to work on Friday 24th July... for FREE!*

*See Terms and Conditions below for full details of this service and the attached Q&A document.

What does Drive/Ride to Work offer our customers?
- The ability to use their vehicle/motorcycle for the journey between their home address and their permanent place of work.
- Drive/Ride to Work provide the cover described above for all named drivers on the insurance policy that the cover has been purchased on.

Does Drive/Ride to Work include using the vehicle/motorcycle for business?
- No. Drive/Ride to Work does not allow the customer to use the vehicle/motorcycle for business purposes. For example, travelling to meetings, travelling to a course related to their occupation, travelling to various offices for the same company.

What does a ‘permanent place of work’ mean?
- A permanent place of work is defined as the place where a customer spends more than 40% of their working week.
- This means that the customer could have 2 permanent places of work.
- If a customer has 2 occupations, for example they are an Assistant at a Supermarket during the day, but they are a Waiter in a Restaurant on an evening, Drive/Ride to Work cover is sufficient cover for this scenario. Business use is not required.

What is Business Use?
- Business Use covers the journey you need to make in your vehicle to various places of business.
- This could be that the company you work for has more than one offi ce and you are required to drive to each of them at some point in the policy year for meetings or for a course.
- Business Use would be required for a person in Education if being on a Placement is a requirement of the course and this Placement changes location throughout the life of your insurance policy.

Do I require Drive/Ride to Work if I am carrying out Voluntary Work in my vehicle?
- No, provided that you are not being paid for the Voluntary Work you are carrying out. This type of use would be classified as Social, Domestic & Pleasure and would not require additional cover for this purpose.
- If when carrying out Voluntary Work you receive payment for any expenses e.g. petrol money, this would still be deemed as Social, Domestic & Pleasure use.
- If you are paid a salary/wage for the work you are undertaking, this would no longer be covered by Social Domestic & Pleasure use and Drive/Ride to Work or Business Use would need to be considered depending upon the journeys being undertaken.

I am a Student, do I need Drive/Ride to Work to use my vehicle/motorcycle to go to University?
- No. This type of use would be classed as Social, Domestic & Pleasure and would not require additional cover for this purpose.

Do I need Drive/Ride to Work if I am driving to the train station?
- If you are driving to the train station for the purpose of catching a train as part of your onward journey to get to your place of work, then yes, you do need Drive/Ride to Work cover.

I am a ‘Home-worker’; do I need cover to Drive/Ride to Work?
- The answer to this is two-fold. If you work at home and only ever drive to one permanent place of work e.g. you work at home but have to go into one permanent offi ce at some point in the policy year, then yes Drive/Ride to Work is required.
- If however you drive to an office, to appointments, courses and meetings then Drive/Ride to Work would not be sufficient and Business Use would be required to meet those needs.

*Terms & Conditions
1. Cover provided to Footman James insurance policyholders only of Classic Car, Classic Motorcycle, Kit Car, Vintage Tractor, Vintage Commercial and Ex-Military vehicle insurance.
2. Cover is effective from 00:01 hours on Friday 24th July 2015 and expires at 23:59 hours on Friday 24th July 2015.
3. Drive to Work cover cannot be extended to include business use. Cover is provided to drive to one permanent place of work only.