FBHVC’s Drive It Day 2017

Date: 23 April, 2017

Location: Various locations

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs’ (FBHVC) Drive It Day is one of the most important dates on the classic car calendar.

It’s a day with a valuable history and an important message within the classic car community.

This year’s Drive It Day is taking place on 23 April 2017, all across the country.

Country comes together
The premise of Drive It Day is a simple one; get your classic car on the road and drive it.

All of the clubs that form the FBHVC are given a date and set the challenge of planning an event to get their club members on the road.

This means a whole host of events will be taking place across the UK on 23 April. Rallies, Drive Outs, meet-ups, displays... you name it, it’s probably going to happen.

This year, the biggest venues in classic car history will be taking part, including:

So, get in touch with your local car club, or check out a local venue to see what events will be taking place this Drive It Day.

The history of Drive It Day
Each year, the event takes place as close to 23 April as possible. It was on this date back in 1900 that the original One Thousand Mile Trial, organised by the Automobile Club, took place.

A total of 65 cars set off from London on the route up to Edinburgh, with 51 cars making it. The route then took them back down to London, a journey that 35 of the original line-up were able to complete (which isn’t a bad number by any means!)

The vehicles included a Gladiator, a Daimler, Ariels and Panhards, and the trip included speed trials and 4 hill-climbing competitions.

Today, that incredible piece of motoring history is celebrated each year with Drive It Day. The day aims to get classic cars back on the road and encourage more people to embrace the fantastic culture of classic cars and bikes.

You can find out more about Drive It Day, and the 1900 One Thousand Mile Trial on the FBHVC website. And hopefully we’ll see you on the road on 23 April!