Festival of Steam and Transport 2017

Date: 16 April, 2017

Location: The Historic Dockyard Chatham, ME4 4TY

It’s full steam ahead to the Historic Dockyard in Chatham for the Festival of Steam and Transport on 16-17 April 2017.

Visitors can expect classic cars, live music, food and drink and even a free funfair.

What more could you ask for on a weekend in April? Well, maybe classic steam trains… which thankfully, the show also has!

A century of classics
The Festival of Steam and Transport knows how to put on a show. We’ll get to the music, the food and the funfair soon, but first we have to talk classic cars. And we mean classic cars.

Hundreds of cars will be making their way to the Historic Dockyard, with some dating back as far as 1890, through to more modern models from 1990. This celebration of over a century of motoring history will feature:

  • Hot rods 
  • Agricultural vehicles 
  • Motorcycles / bikes 
  • Kit cars 
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Military vehicles 
  • Steam / industrial classics 

If you can tear yourself away from the hundreds of classic cars on show at the Dockyard, there’s a whole lot else going on to enjoy.

Don’t leave without…

  • Seeing a legend from ‘Motion Picture Motors’. The show will include motors from the silver and small screens. From Mr Bean’s Mini to the Mustang Fastback and Dodge Charger from ‘Bullitt’, these movie stars aren’t to be missed. 
  • Enjoying some music - Cosmic Sausages, The Gator Dog Snappers, Justin and the Argonauts and the Pretending People Theatre may all sound like Doctor Who episodes from back in the day, but they’re not. They are some of the live music and theatre performers at the event that you absolutely need to see and hear.
  • Having all the fun of the fair - Not enough events include a free funfair for all guests, but thankfully the Festival of Steam and Transport has exactly that.
  • Checking out everything else you can do! - Look at the trains, get lost in the giant rope maze, board a historic warship or even go on a Call the Midwife location tour. This really is the show that gives you more.

Tickets and further information
Book online today for discounted prices compared to getting them on the day. A Single Day ticket is £16.50 for adults, £14 for concessions and £12 for children. A full Weekend ticket is £21 for adults, £18 for concessions and £13.50 for children.

With group tickets also available, it’s definitely worth a family trip down to Chatham. Find out more and get your tickets on the Dockyard website.