Goodwood Breakfast Club

Date: 01 May, 2016

Location: Goodwood House, West Sussex, England

Goodwood has announced the dates for this year’s breakfast club with the promise of mouth-watering food and classic motors to match.

Goodwood Breakfast Club is a great favourite on the classic motoring calendar, having enjoyed eight great years of success.

It gives clued-up connoisseurs the chance to meet up with like-minded people in some truly stunning surroundings.

The free events are held on most first Sundays of the month, with the gates opening at 7.30am.

You will need to pre-book to guarantee a spot on the popular West Sussex motor circuit’s grid.

It’s the perfect way for classics fans to start their Sunday morning.

Soft tops and hot hatches
There are a handful of top events from which to choose, starting on May 1 with Soft-Top Sunday and culminating on November 6 with Hot Hatch Sunday.

The former caters for convertibles across the range as participants look to get a dose of the early spring sun’s rays. The latter pays tribute to the Volkswagen that started the whole craze. The Golf GTi turns 40 this year and the Escort Cosworth, Clio V6, 205 GTi and other hot hatches will all be coming out to play.

Sandwiched in between these two events comes Full Throttle (June 5), Thoroughbred Sunday (August 7) and Italian Sunday (October 2).

Full Throttle is a must for lovers of supercars and other souped-up machines, while Thoroughbred Sunday is a showcase for venerable classic vehicles. As the name suggests, Italian Sunday embraces all things Italian, with the promise of fantastic Ferraris, luxurious Lamborghinis and much more.

Don’t leave without…
• Enjoying some of the added extras: These may include go-karting (at additional cost) and Goodwood’s special drive experience

• Trying the food: Whether you opt for an organic breakfast or something else, the choice is wide and all yours

• Looking to the skies: Aerial displays may be on offer, again depending on the elements

Register your car before you attend by visiting the official Goodwood website.