Hero Cup - Throckmorton Challenge

Date: 24 September, 2016

Location: RAF Pershore, Throckmorton, Worcestershire,

Train one day and drive the next at the Throckmorton Challenge, organised by the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO). Crews will be seen testing their cars and skills to the limit on Saturday 24th September at RAF Pershore in Throckmorton, Worcestershire.

With no navigational trickery and all route instructions supplied in a high quality, easy to read road book, the Throckmorton Challenge is described as an ideal way into the sport for cars built before 1986. This unique event now in its sixth year is expecting over 100 entries at the former RAF airfield.

A Training and Briefing day on Friday 23rd to learn the basics about Classic Reliability Trials will be available for novice drivers and navigators to gain some experience to put straight into practice. Don’t be put off if you don’t have a suitable car, HERO could provide one through its Arrive & Drive scheme.

Competition licence vs No competition licence…

No competition license: Don’t have a competition license? Don’t worry, that is what the Clubman section of the HERO Challenge is for. It is an introductory event allowing those without a competition licence to try historic rallying for the very first time - and with very little specialist preparation needed to their vehicle.

Competition license: The Throckmorton Challenge National 'B' section has a complicated regularity section with special tests; no two being the same. It runs through the labyrinth of perimeter roads, with several changes in average speed making the event a genuine trial for both driver and co-driver.