Mille Miglia 2016

Date: 19 May, 2016

Location: Brescia, Italy

Every spring in Italy racers and spectators alike are treated to a celebratory recreation of what is arguably the world’s most beautiful car race.

The original Mille Miglia open-road endurance contests were staged on 24 occasions between 1927 and 1957.

They became so big in the racing calendar that between 1953 and 1957 they were part of the World Sports Car Championship.

The race’s rebirth happened in 1977, with vintage and classic car owners eligible to compete.

Drivers must have cars which were built in 1957 or before, and which were either attended or were registered with the original Mille Miglia.

This year’s four-day event runs from May 19 to 22. The route, as close to the original Brescia-Rome circuit as possible, is stunning and takes drivers on a 1,000-mile tour through the countryside.

Breath-taking motors
Starry-eyed race car veterans will be forgiven for shedding a sneaky tear as they watch some of the vintage cars that made the original race famous glide past.

Maseratis go head to head with Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, BMWs and Porsches in this stunning spectacle that used to bring out around five million fans in its heyday.

The race is divided into four parts. The opening leg sees contestants race southwards from Brescia to Rimini. Day two continues the downward path from Rimini to Roma. Roma to Parma makes up the northbound third leg and it’s all finished off with the Parma-Brescia final push.

Don’t leave without…
Joining in the all-week fun: OK, so it may be scheduled as a four-day race. But the fun starts two days before with a raft of events designed to whet the appetite. These include…

Seeing the blessing of the cars and a holy mass in the Duomo Vecchio cathedral

Enjoying artist Arcabas’ exhibition in Brescia, which has its own dedicated race village

Catching the award ceremony: This is held in Brescia’s impressive Teatro Grande

Get racing
Entry fee for a two-person crew is 7,000 euros (£5,494) without VAT and 8,540 inclusive of VAT (£6,701). This sum entitles you to an amazing full hospitality package, including accommodation, food, competitors’ kit, verification sticker and awards ceremony tickets.