The Salon Retromobile Paris Expo

Date: 03 February, 2016

Location: Paris, France

It may be staged in one of the coldest months, but the 41st Salon Retromobile Paris Expo - or Retromobile for short - is set to offer some astounding sights for connoisseurs.

Where else would you see a sci-fi style car of the future alongside vintage vehicles which have turned 100 years old but are still fit to drive?

Our top picks

Rise of the Rhomboids: Retromobile is presenting five futuristic cars which have had their wheels placed in a diamond-shaped configuration. It’s a concept that has been around for nearly 100 years, but the latest was built only nine years ago.

Philippe Charbonneaux’s futuristic 1990 prototype has a trailblazing egg-shaped passenger section to minimise impact in a crash. The one to keep an eye out for, though, is the spherical 1968 Automobile, which can rotate its wheels and pull off wheelies.

Golden oldies: Retromobile proudly presents six working cars aged more than 100 years old. They are:
• De Dion-Bouton G-type Vis-a-Vis (1900): This could achieve speeds of 31mph - pretty quick for the time
• Richard-Brasier (1903): This beauty once won the Gordon Bennett Cup, a precursor to Grand Prix
• Corre (1905): Its distinctive barrel-style bodywork is hard to miss
• Brouhot et Cie (1908): Keep an eye out for its elegant Double Phaeton bodywork
• Renault (1912): Travel limousine with bodywork designed by Kelner
• De Dion-Bouton DE Torpedo (1912): Came with four-speed gearbox and four-cylinder engine

Julia, A Woman, A Collection: Retromobile is showing classics from a mysterious female collector. Gems include:

• A Bugatti Type-40 Fiacre
• A McLaren single-seater
• A Frazer Nash coupe

Those after something a bit more leftfield may prefer her futuristic Volkswagen-XL1. Experts believe this limited-edition motor made in 2014 will attain collectors’ item status by 2036. At the other end of the scale, there’s a grand old 1000cc Wolseley Doctor’s Coupe (1922).

Best of the rest

Artcurial Auction: This sale traditionally fetches some of the world’s best prices for the year. A stunning 1957 Ferrari looks set to maintain this tradition. Experts believe the 335S Spider Scaglietti will fetch between 28-32 million euros (£21.4-£24 million)
• 115 years of Renault sporting passion, including the winner of the inaugural 1906 Grand Prix, the AK-type
• A look back at the 1976 motoring year and the cars it spawned

How do I get tickets?

Tickets cost 16 euros in advance or 18 euros on the door. Children aged 11 years old or under go free.