Flood Risk Motor Trade Policy Add On

Add FloodFlash to your Motor Trade Policy


At Footman James, we've teamed up with FloodFlash to provide our motor trade clients with a Flood Risk policy option which provides rapid payout, should the worst happen.

This addon allows clients to set a pre-agreed sum of money if a flood reaches a certain depth, resulting in a rapid payout should this unfortunately become a reality (often in just a few days).

FloodFlash install a mobile-connected sensor to the insured property to measure the flood depth. When the sensor goes off because of a flood they know to send a payout. The idea is to remove a lot of the uncertainty and costs of traditional insurance and speed up the claims process.

Plus, you can still purchase this addon even if you've been flooded before or if a previous insurer has withdrawn flood. According to figures from FloodFlash, 52% of small businesses on floodplains don’t have cover and the average insurance payout for UK flooding in 2015 was £75K.

If you're considering adding FloodFlash to your policy, get in touch with your account handler or click to request a call back from the Footman James motor trade team.