26th July 2022

Coffee & Badges – it’s all in the details at NY500

Badges, emblems and logos are oft-overlooked pieces of artwork adorned to classics. We’re not talking only about car marques – think also of the iconic graphics that indicate vehicle models (see 3.0CSL in the gallery below for just one example), plus clubs, events, race roundels, parts and accessory manufacturers and original dealer stickers.

In this latest collection of images from our recent meet at NY500 in Yorkshire (more galleries from Impney coming soon), we celebrate the artwork that decorates the cars we love. It’s also a fabulous illustration of the variety of cars owned by the informal group of event attendees that Coffee & Chrome Collective is made up from.

Favourites? We’ll leave you to be the judge (and jump on Instagram or Twitter to lend us your thoughts) but if you want our pennies’ worth, scan for these highlights among the images below: Carrera CS, that Ducati tank graphic, GT Cortina, the Alpina centre cap and those battle-worn quad Cibie lamps.