26 June, 2013


Classics Owners Could Be Wasting Over £200 A Year On Their Hobby


Research indicates that classic vehicle owners could be wasting in the region of £250 per year by paying for separate breakdown cover when some specialist insurers include it as standard.

According to a recent survey by specialist classic vehicle broker Footman James, over 35 per cent of classic vehicle owners admit to paying for separate breakdown cover.

All Footman James’ classic vehicle policies include UK and European breakdown cover as standard so the specialist broker is advising classics’ owners to check their policy documentation as they could be paying for additional breakdown cover when it is already included in their existing insurance policy.

Andy Fairchild, Footman James’ managing director, said: “It is worth checking your insurance policy to ascertain whether breakdown cover is included. Also, some ‘off the shelf’ breakdown products don’t cover vehicles aged over 16 years, so again, check what is included.

“At Footman James, UK and European breakdown cover is included as standard in all classic vehicle policies. The cover is tailored with the classic vehicle in mind with owners having the freedom to select a specialist repairer of their choice to attend to their pride and joy.”

The survey, of over 2,829 classic vehicle owners, was conducted last November and included visitors to the Footman James Classic Motor Show and an online survey.