21 February, 2013


Enhanced cover for Classic Bike Owners


As classic bike owners prepare their bikes for the forthcoming season, they can do so in the knowledge that specialist insurance broker Footman James has their best interests at heart.  Footman James’ classic motorcycle policies now include automatic third party cover for riding other bikes.

Riding other bikes has always been a popular pastime for classic owners but automatic cover may not be provided by some policies. Footman James’ customers are now able to ride another motorcycle with the owner’s permission subject to the criteria below:

  • The motorcycle must be over 20 years old.
  • The person riding the classic motorcycle must be a member of club formally recognised by Footman James.

In addition, if your bike along with your helmet and leathers are stolen or damaged as result of an incident Footman James now provides an increased level of helmet and leather cover - up to £750.

“Classic bike owners who have previously fallen victim to theft or accident will know from experience that the cost of replacing their helmet and a set of leathers can far exceed the amount offered by some classic bike policies, so the recent increase in cover is great news for bikers,” said Andy Fairchild, managing director, Footman James.