13 September, 2013


Roger Moore’s ‘The Saint’ Volvo; Revived, Restored and Coming to The Footman James Manchester Classic Car Show!

 The car made famous by Roger Moore back in the 60’s TV series ‘The Saint’ visits Manchester for the first time on September 21st and 22nd at The Footman James Manchester Classic Car Show, EventCity, Trafford Centre.

The iconic Volvo P1800 was found rotting away in a Welsh barn over 20 years ago after a long search by keen Volvo enthusiast Kevin Price. When he finally found and confirmed the identity of the car Kevin discovered it was almost unrecognisable as the sporty white coupe so synonymous with 60’s TV glamour. The bodywork was all but destroyed, the engine was in rusty pieces all over the back seat and essentially the car was only good for the scrapyard. This is where it would have ended up had Kevin not had the foresight to seek it out and save it, recognising the vehicle’s unique history.

Now, after a huge restoration project spanning decades, the car is back to its former glory and has recently moved under its own power for the very first time.   

Kevin Price, of the Volvo Enthusiasts Club said: “We’re very excited to be showing the original car from the Saint TV series in Manchester at The Footman James Manchester Classic Car Show on September the 21st and 22nd at EventCity. This will be the first time the car has ever been seen at a show anywhere having been completely finished in every way. I might even give it a good ‘run out’ and drive it there from Bewdley rather than trailer it. I’m sure we’ll turn a few heads!”

Show organiser Andy Rouse said: “We’re very excited to be bringing a top quality classic motoring event to Manchester and the North West of England. The response from the classic motoring community in the region has been superb and the cars we’ve got lined up are simply wonderful. The Saint car is a project we’ve been aware of over the years and it’ll be great to see the final results of Kevin’s incredible hard work and dedication. We look forward to seeing everyone at Event City on Sept 21st and 22nd.”

Footman James’ managing director Andy Fairchild added: “We are looking forward to seeing the Volvo P1800 again as, having sponsored the car’s restoration; it holds a special place in the hearts of many people here at Footman James. Supporting restorations, such as the Volvo P1800 enables enthusiasts to breathe new life into the classics of yesteryear, ensuring they take centre stage once more and thus securing the future of the industry for all. I am sure the car will be a huge crowd pleaser at the Manchester show.”