05 July, 2013


Savvy Motorists Can Avoid Tears At Touring Time


An average of nine million Brits take their vehicle on holiday each year, so whether you are planning a scenic tour of the French mountains, or camping in Italy, specialist insurance broker Footman James has some tips on enjoying a trouble free trip.

While most travellers will check their passport and driving licence before setting off, Footman James revealed that breakdown insurance cover is often forgotten, resulting in tears if their vehicle comes to grief whilst abroad.

Shockingly, a recent survey of classic car enthusiasts showed that 16 per cent of tourists didn’t have any type of breakdown cover in place, yet breakdown cover was rated as the feature that 36 per cent of classic car owners would like included as standard within their insurance policy.

Footman James’ managing director Andy Fairchild said; “With all the excitement and lure of the open road, we realise that the last thing people might be thinking of is whether their insurance policy includes breakdown cover as standard.

“It is crucial to make sure you are covered for every country you plan to travel through. Some insurance companies have restrictions on which countries are covered, so planning a route around these might be necessary.

Footman James’ classic car insurance extends to all EU countries, including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Slovakia and Switzerland and covers trips of up to 35 days.

A breakdown can be difficult enough on home turf, but the stress can be doubled when it happens on foreign soil, that’s why Footman James’ policies automatically include breakdown.

Mr Fairchild added: “This cover is vital for many a stranded motorist. If roadside repairs cant’ be carried out, then you and the vehicle will be taken to a suitable garage. Again, this is something insurers might not offer, so this must be checked before you set off.

“Footman James includes this as standard, which many people don’t realise. This means motorists don’t need to spend extra cash on further breakdown cover from other suppliers”

If you are unsure whether the country that you are travelling to is covered, contact Footman James, as cover in additional countries may be available subject to agreement with insurers.