15th September 2021

Facts Disc

Share detailed information with fellow car or motorbike enthusiasts on your pride and joy, including its history, modifications, restoration journey, photos or videos in a really simple and fun way using our partners, Facts Disc. 

With Facts Disc you have the ability to let your motor tell its own story. Whether you race, rally, participate in events as an exhibitor or simply have your vehicle parked on a high street, there will always be enthusiasts that find themselves stood by your car or bike wishing they could know its background. With Facts Disc, this you are able to share your vehicles story with the world. 

“After years of attending owners’ club events and classic car shows, where information about individual cars was patchy at best, and often completely absent, I realised that learning about vehicles was virtually impossible unless you were lucky enough to meet the owner. With Facts Disc we have created a really simple method for enthusiasts, like me, to document and share our vehicles facts, and trivia, in a way that allows anyone with a smartphone, standing by the vehicle, to view it quickly and easily” - Founder of Facts Disc, Paul Tombs.

How does it work?

Facts Disc allows you to quickly and easily upload details about your motor, revealing its modifications or restoration work, adventures on the racetrack or road, along with images, videos and even hire rates plus availability for film or wedding use. As an option, you can also show if your car or motorbike is for sale. 

It resembles the look of the UK’s old paper tax disc and once displayed on your windscreen or disc holder, it allows any passer-by, event visitor, or fellow enthusiast to use their smartphone camera and scan its unique code to view your motor’s personalised trivia.