Prescott Speed Hill Climb

Prescott Speed Hill Climb

Prescott Speed Hill Climb is located in the rural town of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and is also the home of the Bugatti Owners Club since 1938.

With a backdrop of stunning rolling hills, Prescott Speed Hill Climb run a busy calendar of events through the peak season of the Spring and Summer months. From hosting the British Hillclimb Championship to marque specific meets and of course events for the Bugatti Owners Club.

The track is 1,127 yards long and rises over 200 feet on a technically challenging course incorporating short straights, fast and slow corners and a breath-taking hairpin. The fastest modern racing cars completing the course in under 36 seconds.

Founded in 1929, the Bugatti Owners Club isn’t actually exclusive to Bugatti owners only, so if you are local to Prescott, this could be the club for you.

The Club started with the idea that those owning Bugattis, having something very much in common, should be able to gather at various times to discuss their pet theories, opinions, successes and troubles. By the end of 1930 there were about 40 members; by the end of 1931 this number had doubled, and in 1932 150 had been reached. After a while a number of motoring enthusiasts who did not own a Bugatti applied for membership, and in order to add interest in the Club, they were admitted; and in each year the Club has progressed not only in numbers but in its standing in the world of motor sport.

The Club welcomes everyone who has an interest in motor sport to experience what Prescott has to offer. Find out more by visiting the website below.