28th April 2021

The Federation of Vehicle Storage

Founded in late 2019, the Federation of Vehicle Storage (FOVS) are a professional organisation who are setting the standard, providing guidance, advice, and other benefits to vehicle storage companies.

The founders of the FOVS, realised that there was no official body to help represent vehicle storage owners and their clients. As such, the FOVS was created to fill the gap, forming a body offering advice, benefits and protection for both storage facilities and vehicle owners alike, who store their vehicles.

The FOVS offer three levels of membership, Bronze, Silver and Gold with a range of benefits from an impressive list of approved partners. There is also a five-star rated accreditation scheme which can be completed either online or from a personal visit from one of their assessors.

Through the team’s expertise and knowledge of the classic car and luxury car market, the FOVS hope this will give owners of such cars greater reassurance when they choose to store their vehicle with an FOVS accredited facility.

How does it work?

Once you have been accepted as a member of the FOVS for the relevant tier, each vehicle storage facility is subject to an annual audit, ensuring they continue to meet the standards set out in the FOVS Code of Conduct.

This audit can be done either in person by a visit from a representative of the FOVS or via the FOVS online self-assessment form, to achieve the much-coveted FOVS Accreditation.

All members can upgrade at any time from the initial Bronze level to the additional tiered options, giving access to a variety of additional discounted services, skills, and products together with marketing opportunities to enhance their business and generate greater occupancy and additional revenue.