9th June 2021

5 reasons to add flood flash to your FJ business policy

Last year Footman James partnered with Floodflash, who provide rapid payout insurance that will help lower commercial exposure across the country.

Floodflash works as an add-on to your existing policy and it is fast, easy and flexible cover for your property, equipment, stock or business interruption, and it is available for all businesses in motor trade.

Here are 5 reasons why businesses across Britain use Floodflash for their flood risk.

1. Floodflash quotes no matter the risk

FloodFlash combines the latest flood modelling data with Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology. As a result, FloodFlash prices every quote to the risk at the individual property – not a postcode. This specialist pricing means that you can get cover even when other insurers are unwilling to offer terms due to a chequered claims history or above-average risk.

2. They can cover any motor trade property

As long as the address of your commercial property is not used as a residential property then you can request a Floodflash quote.

3. Recover faster and receive claim payout in hours

Many problems can occur when a flood hits a motor trade business and traditional claims can take months to be resolved. Floodflash pay out claims within days of the flood and in fact, most claims can be paid out within 48 hours. A business in January had their claim paid just 9 hours and 44 minutes later.

Floodflash also pride themselves on being very transparent and straightforward. When setting up cover, choose the depth of flooding to protect against and the amount you will receive when flooding reaches that depth. The amount you choose is the amount you get. Simple.

4. Spend your claim payment your way

There are no restrictions on how you use the money with a Floodflash policy. When the flood happens, you choose the best way to recover. That way if unexpected costs arise, you can address them first.

5. Choose a cheaper premium if you make your business more resilient

As previously mentioned, if you tweak the amount of payment you will receive or what depth of flood triggers a payment, premium numbers can change significantly. Only pay for what you need.

You can find out more information about Floodflash and their partnership with FJ here: https://www.footmanjames.co.uk/floodflash