9 car books that should be on every Christmas list

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The emergence of digital technology has transformed reading dramatically over the last two decades, but while scrolling through feeds is quick and easy, nothing beats leafing through the glossy, colourful pages of a high-spec illustrated book. With that in mind, Classic Driver has compiled a list of the best motoring books of 2017…

Porsche Milestones

Porsche has been leading the way in sports cars for more than 75 years and in this impressive book of successes, author Wilfried Müller reflects on the manufacturer’s highlights.

The Bristol Aeroplane Company Car Division

The history of British aircraft and automobile institution Bristol is brought alive in this 400-page tome, with only 400 limited issues available.

 Mille Miglia Portraits

Savour every page of this illustrative memoir of “behind the scenes” at the famous Italian endurance race. A unique, human perspective of the mechanics, drivers, organisers and volunteers who made the Mille Miglia happen.

 Erich Strenger and Porsche

Creative designer Erich Strenger has been instrumental in influencing the Porsche brand and across 186 pages you come face-to-face with his talent, as designer Mats Kubiak tells Strenger’s fascinating story. 

Ferrari Under the Skin

An exhibition of Ferrari’s powerful persona, the Under the Skin exhibition at the London Design Museum showcases 14 rare models, along with illustrations of Enzo Ferrari's initial concepts straight through to the final production motors. This book is an illustrated catalogue and will give you a new-found love of the prancing horse brand.


This extensively illustrated book features interviews, history texts and impressive aerial photographs of the Passo dello Stelvio – the highest paved mountain pass in Italy’s Eastern Alps.

Inside Track – The Racing Biography 

This biography celebrates the illustrious career of racing premier Phil Hill. Featuring candid photography and snippets of his life, according to Classic Driver this is a walk-through of one of the “most romantic of motorsport eras”.

 Aston Martin DB: 70 Years

From James Bond’s iconic Silver Birch DB5 to the Le Mans-winning DBR1, meander down memory lane as you leaf the pages of this devoted documentary of the iconic British brand.

 Fast Forward

For fans of the unusual, “futuristic, utopian, and eccentric automobiles of the past” are pondered in this illustrative digest of the boldest concept cars in history.

 These books would make a great gift for vintage vehicle enthusiasts. For more ideas, check out our list of 12 Christmas gift for classic car fanatics.