8th July 2020

An Urgent Appeal from the National Motorcycle Museum

Our partners at The National Motorcycle Museum have launched an urgent appeal to all enthusiasts in an effort to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The museum is funded entirely by visitors, their conference business and income from two sister hotels. With no external funding and the hospitality & leisure sectors being hit especially hard by COVID-19, things are looking worrying for the 36-year-old facility.

James Hewing, the Museum Director, has released an official statement:

“Without the income from our three sister businesses, there is little likelihood of the museum opening, and then remaining open, until they return to normal trading. The museum itself requires a surplus of around £500,000 per year just to break even. Without making this appeal, we may have to sell some of our reserve collection of bikes, the last thing we would ever have wanted to do. Unfortunately, all of our business activities are in one of the hardest hit sectors, and we simply don’t know how long they will take to recover”.

To keep their doors open, the museum is looking to raise £500,000 and has a few plans to meet the target.


A COVID-19 Museum Appeal Raffle

A special museum appeal raffle will be launching on Friday 17th July, offering participants some wonderful prizes:

Raffle Prizes

  • 1st Prize: 1977 Norton Commando 850cc Motorcycle
  • 2nd Prize: Restored 1948 Ariel NG 350cc Motorcycle
  • 3rd Prize: Restored 1959 BSA B31 350cc Motorcycle

The raffle will run alongside the usual summer & winter raffles, which are due to operate as usual. Tickets will cost £6 each and will be distributed through subscription copies of the specialist press in August and September 2020. They can also be purchased at www.thenmm.co.uk after the launch date (17th July 2020). The prize draw will take place on Thursday 21st December at the National Motorcycle Museum.


Direct Support

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can visit www.thenmm.co.uk to donate directly to the reopening appeal fund. The link will be available from 17th July and 100% of the money goes directly to helping the museum remain open until things return to normal.