12th January 2022

FJ’s most popular blogs of 2021

Now that we are in the first couple of weeks of 2022, we take a look through the Classic Hub to find our most popular blogs of 2021.

1) Does E10 petrol pose a threat to classic cars?

It may not be such a surprise that our most popular pieces of content have focused on E10 fuel. Since it replaced E5 fuel at the pumps it’s been a hot topic in the classic community.


2) New E10 fuel may mean classics will run better

Could E10 be good for classic vehicles? There was a suggestion that classics may run better on ethanol blended fuel, or rather, there wasn't much evidence suggesting it caused problems. 


3) Top UK Racing Tracks

Britain is not short of great race circuits and in this blog we counted down 9 of the best for you to explore!


4) How to Declare Your Classic Car or Motorcycle as a Vehicle of Historic Interest

A blog from 2018 but still proving popular even now. Vehicles that are 40+ years old can be declared as a vehicle of history interest, which means they will not have to have a yearly MOT, and can avoid ULEZ charges in cities too.


5) Seat Belt Laws and Classic Cars

Need to know more about the laws around seat belts and how it could affect your classic? We take a comprehensive look at seat belt laws in this blog.


6) Top 5 British Made Motorbikes

With the recent revival of classic British motorbikes, we look at the top five ever made in this blog. Let us know if there are any we have missed off the list as you’re looking through!


7) Black and Silver Number Plates: The Law, Suppliers & Advice

As classic owners, we want to keep our vehicles looking as authentic as possible – and that applies to number plates too. We put together some information around putting black and silver number plates on your vehicle.


8) How To Get Your Classic Car On Film Or Television

There’s money to be made if you can get your classic featured on TV or film. Michael Geary, Managing Director of Motorhouse Hire, shares some tips to help you make your motor famous.


9) Richard Hammond Sells Classics To Fund Restoration Business

The former Top Gear presenter sold eight of his vehicles to fund his brand new business venture at The Classic Sale at Silverstone in July 2021.


10) Cross Ply vs Radial Tyres

We took a look at the two main types of tyres, how they came to be and what the key differences are between them. Do you know which tyres are most suitable for your classic?


We’re always looking for content for the Classic Hub. If you have a story to share, some expertise you’d be happy to pass on or you have a question for Ask an Expert, get in touch with us at news.views@footmanjames.co.uk