Sally Blunt and her Mini - Women buying more classic cars than ever before

10 January, 2017

Our research shows there has been a boost in the number of female classic car owners, with female drivers predicted to account for 11% of the market by the end of 2016.

Our research of over 1025 women and 55 000 policies revealed that 21% of women’s driving factor of ownership was nostalgia, followed by 19% who said they were encouraged by friends and family members and 17% who saw it as a good investment.

During our research we requested female enthusiasts to send us their classic car stories for us to share. A large number of women responded and were excited to share their stories and meet fellow female enthusiasts.

Sally Blunt is one of the classic car owners who shared her story with us below:

I am 47 years of age and a relatively new driver, having only passed my test just over 3 years ago.

My first car was a VW Polo, very old but I loved it and had it valeted until it looked new. I planned to keep it forever and drive it into classic car status; however the car had other ideas.

The throttle body went one day and when the mechanic said it wasn’t worth fixing, I was heartbroken. I always harboured a dream of owning a classic and my dreams had been shattered.

Nigel, who was my husband at the time, went straight onto the internet when we got home. It was a Friday night and he was on the computer for ages. I remember him yelling down the stairs that he had found my next car!

As he so rightly said, I had dreamed of owning a Mini since I was about 4, and he had found a website of a classic car dealer in Harborne Birmingham.

The website boasted about this classic 1991 Mini Mayfair which had with virtually no mileage on it, looking for a good home.

The very next morning, we went to view the car. I saw it in the shop and well, what can I say, I went into shock. The little car was absolutely fantastic and in mint condition. The thought of only having had a driving licence for 8 months and owning a Mini was too much for a girl to take in.

Nigel virtually made my mind up for me, and we had the dealers arm off and drove the car home; well, Nigel did. Apparently, I didn’t say a word for hours!!!

The Mini was a white 1991 Mini Mayfair, in its original unrestored state, with all the original parts. It had 5,500 miles on the clock and had been garaged all its life. It had been owned by one elderly lady who owned a dog. I inherited a car full of dog hairs and her key ring with a picture of the dog on it. Plus a folder full of all the original paperwork, all MOT’s proving the genuine mileage, original bill of sale, the owners hand written notes etc.

It was an absolute find - a ‘lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice’ situation. I was enthralled. Even the tyres had the pips still on them.

After the lady’s death, the car had barely moved and had gone to a family owner who garaged it, then sold it on to a dealer, which is where I came in.

We serviced her, took her on a long run of 300 miles to find out where the weak spots were, which was basically the exhaust which had rotted from the inside, unsurprisingly.

I also replaced the tyres as these had started to crack.

My first outing in the car was stressful; I was a new driver and totally scared stiff. We went out early one Sunday morning and the car felt totally alien. I was a new driver, not very confident, used to power steering but not chokes. After about 2 miles I was hooked. I felt so at home in my Mini and took to her like a duck takes to water and, let’s say, the rest is history. Thankfully Footman James agreed to insure me; no one else did.

That very same morning of my first drive, another Mini sped passed me, honking its horn and the driver was waving madly at me, giving me the thumbs up. I WAS ALREADY A MEMBER OF AN EXCLUSIVE CLUB!! I could hardly see through the tears to drive; I was ecstatic.

Now everywhere I go in my Mini, people stop to ask about my car. If my partner is with me, they ask him about it and I take great pleasure in informing them that the car is mine; yes, it’s owned by a woman!!

My car is rare, could never be replaced. It’s owned and driven by a woman and I’m a new driver. And all that paperwork I have is total unique history!

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