12th August 2021

Top Tips for First Time Classic Owners

Recently, we asked the passionate classic owners in our online community what their top piece of advice would be for a first-time classic owner or someone considering purchasing their first classic vehicle.

The best advice comes from those who live it day in and day out, so we’ve pulled together their top tips to help anyone on the fence with their first dabble into the classic world.

  1. Don’t buy the first classic you see

“If you are new to classics, don’t buy the first vehicle that you see. Do a lot of research on the vehicle, look at typical prices from the dealer, private sales and auctions first to make sure you are getting a fair deal. Contact the local branch of the owners’ clubs and see if someone can view the car with you. Get an insurance quote and make sure to include agreed value."

  1. Buy what you love

“Always buy what you really love, don’t worry about the value of it increasing over time. That is a nice side effect, but not what it’s about. Make sure you buy it for you and don’t listen to anyone else’s opinions. If you don’t look back at it when you’re walking away, it’s not that right car!”

  1. Find a trusty specialist nearby

“If you are not mechanically minded, make sure that you have a good specialist nearby. Also take into consideration how you will source any spare parts if you need them.”

  1. Prepare to have deep pockets!

“Prepare to have deep pockets and learn as you go. If you’re looking to do it cheap, this is the wrong hobby!”

  1. Make sure to connect with other likeminded classic enthusiasts

“If you are looking into this hobby that we all love, pick a vehicle that fits your needs and your facilities. Make sure to get involved with the community of classic enthusiasts. A good way to do this is through clubs and attending any gatherings because being in the circle you will meet helpful fellow enthusiasts and get recommendations for businesses and more.”

Do you have any advice not mentioned in this article? Leave a comment below and we can include it!

The information contained in this blog post is based on sources that we believe are reliable and should be understood as general information only. It is not intended to be taken as advice with respect to any specific or individual situation and cannot be relied upon as such.

Don’t worry about a Concours car. If you add a few personal touches you will enjoy it more.

John, 15/08/2021