May 12, 2019

Petrolicious Drivers’ Meeting 2019

Date: May 12, 2019

Time: 9:30 – 16:30

Location: Bicester Heritage, Buckingham Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 5HA

The UK is a hub for classic vehicles and classic vehicle enthusiasts, which is why Petrolicious is coming to the UK for their inaugural Petrolicious Drivers’ Meeting at the world-famous Bicester Heritage site.


Petrolicious is a hugely successful global car culture website which creates high-quality original videos and news articles for classic car enthusiasts, celebrating the automotive industry and great machines.


Expect hundreds of hand-picked cars to be showcased at the meeting, displaying the best of what they have to offer. Some of the vehicles include, the recently restored Colin McRae Prodrive Subaru Impreza rally car, the first ever Williams Formula One race car transporter and race cars, plus a special line-up of Ferraris, Le Mans cars and a collection of 1989 classics that will be celebrating their 30th birthday, just to name a few.

The meet will celebrate a diverse range of automotive craftsmanship, with talks from drivers and screenings of new and classic Petrolicious films. 


Petrolicious are renowned for their stunning photography skills and are offering you the opportunity to let your vehicle partake in a 30-minute professional photo shoot at the event.

Footman James is proud to be supporting the Petrolicious Drivers’ Meet by sponsoring the Petrolicious Photographic Studio set in the photogenic location of the RAF site, Bicester Heritage.

Your 30-minute photo shoot will capture your vehicle on the day and provide you with a portfolio of digital images that can be used for high-quality prints for your home or even used to show off your pride and joy across your social media accounts.  

To take advantage of this opportunity, it is important to pre-book your shoot now, as there are only a limited number of spaces available on the day.

The photo shoot costs £60 and it is advised that you arrive to your selected time slot at least 10 minutes before your booking.

Please note: This ticket does not include entrance to the event and no refunds can be made.


The Petrolicious Drivers’ Meeting will see Singer bring the Porsche 911 to the meet as one of the test mules for the Design and Lightweighting Study.

This will be a rare chance for you to get up close and personal to the car that led to the fabled study – the most highly developed take on the Porsche 911 ever built.

Fitted with a 4.0-litre, four-valve, air-cooled flat-six, developed with Williams Advanced Engineering, the mule also has a lightweight multi-link, double wishbone front suspension, ABS, traction control and electronic stability control developed with Bosch. The Pilot Sport Cup 2 is developed with Michelin, the carbon ceramic braking system was developed with Brembo and the lightweight 18inch magnesium centre lock wheel was developed with BBS Motorsport.


Petrolicious aim to entertain, inspire and inform the classic car community and ignite the passion for future classic car enthusiasts.

The meet will screen new and old Petrolicious videos to entertain and teach others about some of the fantastic cars that Petrolicious have been able to have the privilege of driving.

Why not take a sneak peek at some of the work Petrolicious has done in some of their online trailers?


A scale model of the Ari Vatanen Escort RS1800 has been made in precious metals and jewels by professional jeweller Russell Lord and will be on display at the Petrolicious Drivers Meet this May.

Russell Lord started working on his astounding work 25 years ago, spending thousands of hours on it.

The model is made of silver with the wheels, rear spoiler, brakes and bonnet hinges all being made of gold. The front grille is 18-caret white gold and the headlights are 72-point diamond. The indicators are made from an orange sapphire and the rear lights made from ruby. The total cost on materials alone was $100,000 (approx. £77,000). Read our blog on the Lord Ford Escort to find out more about this unique model.

Footman James partners, The Market, will be auctioning Russell Lord’s creation beginning May 2, 2019.


Various awards will be handed out at the event, including awards being given to cars in the parking lot. The meeting encourages enthusiasts to bring along their vehicles and park in the Drive Tastefully section of meet that will be open to appropriate automobiles.  


A host of vehicle business will open their doors at Bicester Heritage, including Porsche specialists Sports Purpose, MG experts Blue Diamond Services, Fuzz Townshend Classic Oils and the famous Wriggle Monkey Brewery, just to name a few.


Tickets are on sale for £12.50 and tickets for enthusiasts under the age of 16 are free.

Petrolicious members enjoy free priority access to the event, including exclusive parking, and rooftop access overlooking the venue for Founding Members.

We look forward to seeing you at the meet!