24 October 2022

Coffee & Chrome Success at Impney

You didn’t know where to look. Parked under a tree over there; a fabulously original Fiat X1/9. Growling through the crowds; a car with that most unusual of things – an engine that exceeds the height of the roof line (well, we say ‘car’ - it was a hot rod). And for many the star of the meet: a pure white Lancia Stratos replica that made grown adults go weak at the knees (us included). No, you really didn’t know where to look at the Coffee & Chrome October Impney meet.

The weather played its part. It was a dream Autumn morning, with unbelievably sharp shadows created by a fiercely bright sun – and a blue sky that was as deep as it was vivid. Already at 9:30am - just thirty minutes after the doors opened - the display area around the imposing chateau was nearly full. Guests enjoyed their complimentary breakfast roll and coffee, and then took a good walk around the display of vehicles and enjoyed conversations with friends old and new.  

Highlights? Where do we start!? Aside from Richard and Andrea Handley’s aforementioned Fiat X/19, and Neil Beardsley’s STR Stratos, David Govier’s fabulous Bowler Tomcat, Bob Burr’s GMC Safari XT, and Lyndon Lee’s Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo certainly stood out, as did Peter Cooper’s MG Maestro Turbo and Darren Whitefoot’s Renault 5 GT Turbo. Keep your eyes peeled for articles on all these cars here at Coffee & Chrome over the coming weeks, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter.

For now, a huge thanks to the Coffee & Chrome Collective who made the October Impney meet such a success. We’ll see you soon.