Motor Trade Insurance FAQs

Motor Trade Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions are in relation to our motor trade insurance policies. If you have any further queries, please contact your Account Handler directly.

If you have a Private Client policy please contact your Account Handler for any queries you may have. For any other policies including classic car, classic bike, multi-vehicle and flex policies, please call us on 0333 207 6120.

A completed proposal form is required, once received, cover can be arranged on the day cover is required.

Green cards are no longer a legal requirement however if you prefer to have this document, we are happy to provide this.

Once you have taken out a motor trade policy with us, you will receive a letter from your insurer with instructions on how to access the MID.

Call the MID Helpdesk on 0345 609 0689. Operating hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

We receive no notification when you make changes to your MID. Unless you tell us of the changes, we don’t know a change had been made.

You must...

- Obtain the name and address of any persons involved in the accident and any witnesses. This should include details of any passengers in any other vehicle involved.  Also obtain details of any other vehicle involved in the incident such as registration number, make, model and their insurance details e.g. name of insurer and policy number. If possible, take photos at the scene to show vehicle positions and road markings etc.  Save any dash cam footage

- Report any claim, accident, theft, or loss as soon as possible by contacting the telephone helplines shown in your insurance documents or by submitting your claim online. The sooner we know about an incident the sooner we can start helping you:

- Send any writ, summons or letters received in connection with any claim, accident, or loss to us as soon as you receive them

- Tell us at once if you receive any notice of prosecution, inquest or fatal accident inquiry connected to the incident

- Report any theft, or your vehicle being taken without your consent immediately to the police and obtain a crime reference number


You must never...

- Admit that the accident was your fault

- Attempt to negotiate the settlement of a claim with another person

You can make a motor claim without the need to make a call or send an email.

The NIG online claims portal will allow you to report motor claims at any hour of the day even if it's just for information.

It's important you report claims as soon as they occur so we can not only pay in the event of a claim but also defend you from false and inaccurate allegations which may be made.

Once you start a motor claim, NIG will email you a submission link which will allow you to submit a claim from any device. This provides you with the flexibility of uploading images directly from your mobile phone.

Once you've submitted the motor claim online, you'll be contacted within 24-48 hours of the claim notification.

You will need the following details to hand to make a motor claim online:

  • Policy number and policy holder details
  • Claim details
  • Vehicle and vehicle damage details
  • Driver and applicable passenger details for all vehicles involved
  • Any witness and emergency service details
  • Who’s responsible for the accident (if known)
  • Supporting evidence (Photos / Videos / CCTV / Dashcam etc.)

You can access the online claims portal here:


Or contact your Account Handler by phone or email.

Insurance excess is the amount you pay towards any claim as defined in your policy schedule

This occurs when an insured vehicle is totally destroyed, lost, or damaged to such an extent that in the insurers opinion it cannot be recovered and as such is deemed a total loss.

If you breakdown and have purchased our FJ+ add-on FJ Rescue, then you can contact the RAC on the number below. 

FJ Rescue Contact RAC
Breakdown in the UK 0333 207 6310
Breakdown in Europe 0033 472 435 255
Calling from a French Landline 0800 290 112
Calling from Republic of Ireland 1800 535 005 (If EU cover selected)

To see if you have this cover on your policy, please refer to your policy documents, or contact your account handler to discuss.

Provided by FloodFlash, this policy is an additional product that allows  you to set a pre-agreed sum of money if a flood reaches a certain depth. Once triggered, this automatically starts the claims process with a rapid payout.
Plus, you can still purchase this additional product even if you've been flooded before or if a previous insurer has withdrawn flood.

If you don’t agree with the total loss valuation, we will ask you to provide evidence to substantiate the value of the vehicle including, service documents and the vehicle purchase receipt. We will ask you to provide examples of similar vehicles for sale to show the current market value of the vehicle for a Motor Engineer to review the valuation.


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