29th July 2020

Classic Minis Owned by London Bridge Heroes Return to the Streets

Two very brave drivers of classic Minis were pleased to see their classic vehicles returning to the streets, having been stranded due to the London Bridge terrorist attack last November.

Due to police investigations, London Bridge and the surrounding areas were shut down, leaving a 1991 Mini Cooper and Mini Paul Smith LE (lovingly referred to as Lily and Betty) sadly stranded on the bridge without their owners.

The cars are owned by Tom Grey and Stevie Hurst, who made headlines last year for their assistance in foiling the attack and defending the public. The pair work as drivers for smallcarBIGCITY, a car hire and tour company that offer bespoke tours of the city with their fleet of Minis.

During an ‘Italian Job’ style tour on November 29th, the drivers stopped when they noticed a commotion. Disregarding their own safety, they rushed to the scene and attempted to disarm the attacker, who was wielding multiple knives. They then contained the assailant as they waited for armed police to arrive at the scene. Reports also indicate the heroic drivers kept the area clear to assist the police and reassured a school bus of children.

Fortunately, both Tom and Stevie were unharmed and received widespread praise from the public. Soon after, smallcarBIGCITY released an official statement on the incident, expressing their pride in the drivers and extending their thanks to the Met and Police:

“The drivers who showed unparalleled heroism when they aided other members of the public to apprehend the suspect are Tom Gray and Stevie Hurst. It is with a massive amount of relief and gratitude that we can report both drivers managed to escape without physical injury. The threat was neutralised thanks to the rapid professionalism of the Armed Response Units from the Met and City of London Police. We could not be more proud of the way our drivers handled the situation. We are enormously thankful to the emergency services and the other members of the public that disregarded their own safety to contain the situation - without their help many more could have lost their lives.”

They also extended their thoughts to the families of those affected by the incident and thanked the public for their support.

With investigations concluded, Lily and Betty have since been returned to Tom and Stevie, who will continue to tour London with their fleet of Minis as restrictions ease. They hope to show the world what London is all about, and what iconic classic could better represent such a vibrant and resilient city?