27th March 2014

Who's Who At Footman James? Andy Fairchild

This month as part of our ‘Who’s Who at Footman James’ feature we interviewed Andy Fairchild - Managing Director.

What is your job title?
Managing Director

What does that involve?
Setting the strategy for the business and supporting all of our people to deliver great customer service.

How long have you been in insurance?
Since I graduated really aged 21. I’ve had some time in banking and doing some consultancy but mostly insurance.

Do you have any insurance specialisms?
I’ve always loved retailing insurance. It’s had a couple of ‘revolutions’ even in my career - over the telephone & on-line distributing.

How did you get into insurance?
Royal Insurance had a big centre in my hometown of Peterborough and I just walked in and said ‘give us a job’.

What was your first car?
A Morris Marina in orange! My girlfriend's Dad put a spoiler on the back. No, really!!

What is your dream car?
One of my mates had a British Racing Green MG and I always thought he was cool. Must get one at some stage.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for a broker?
Staying totally and utterly customer focussed when there are so many distractions.

Can you tell us a bit about you outside work?
I love sport. I’ve played lots of football, rugby and cricket. The loves of my life are split between my family and Peterborough United FC.

If you were a vehicle, what type would you be and why?
I'd like to think the Volvo P1800, specifically the ‘Saint’ car (which we supported the restoration of the original), stylish, cool and aged well! Although I’m a bit more of a Morris Minor, old, reliable and in some instances a bit rough around the edges!

What tips would you give to motor trade businesses?
Apart from insuring with us – I would say the challenges are similar to ours – staying customer focussed at all times and enjoying the challenges and camaraderie of the classic vehicle movement.